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The Charcoal Brand is distinct and memorable in the market, located in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. Our brand has had exposure to the city’s growing and diverse locals, as well as a wide array of visitors. The brand is therefore, well positioned to become a nationwide and international brand bringing our casual grill concept, alongside bringing authentic Nigerian dishes to the world.

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The Charcoal Grill was borne out of a vision to deliver a unique experience to the Nigerian meat-Lover. The restaurant was designed to ensure that diners have a relaxed, yet modern and upscale experience at the establishment. After Months of planning, The restaurant was launched in November 2013.

Since launched, the restaurant has developed a clientele and has evolved its offerings and operations to consistently deliver best-in-class services to Our Guests

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The team at the CHARCOAL GRILL delivers to our guests a wide array of grills, with emphasis on freshness and authenticity, alongside superb service and a casual, relaxing atmosphere.

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